Admission Conditions

Children shall be in good health (no chronic infectious diseases) with normal intelligence, and can participate in group activities normally.

Admission Plans


Pre-K: September 1, 2020- August 31, 2021

K1: September 1, 2019- August 31, 2020

K2: September 1, 2018- August 31, 2019

K3: September 1, 2017- August 31, 2018

Admission Process

Scan the following QR code using WeChat.

Open the admission system after scanning the QR code, then fill in the application form.

Please click on “Submit” after filling in the information. If you have any questions, please call us 13372539991/13372539992.

Addr.: 1426 Wentao Road, Binjiang District (Shechao Square)

We will review the information of the child and call the parent to meet our admission staff after the child passes the review. Please meet our admission staff at the appointed time. Please wait for our phone call if you have submitted the application form.

We will reply to the parent about the admission of the child in writing in 3-5 days from the second day after the meeting.

Health Examination

Appointed place for health examination: Children Healthcare Division, 1/F, Community Health Service Center, Changhe Sub-district.

Tuition Payment

The tuition standard of “Wei Shi Li” is 75000 yuan/term (This does not include food, bedding and uniform fees) 

Helpful Tip

Children born from September 1st, 2019 to August 31st, 2020 , and also meet the admission requirements for K1 class in Hangzhou city should login to “Hangzhou Education Network”.  Click on “information collection system for new K1 class students in Hangzhou city” to register and fill out the relevant information.

(Note: Hangzhou City includes Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Jianggan district, Gongshu district, Xihu district, Binjiang District, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, West Lake scenic area and Dajiangdong industrial cluster area)

Education Network Information Collection Dates: May 7th 9:00 – May 10th 21:00