What's IB Structure (IB PYP)

IB (International Baccalaureate) is the only international programme from kindergarten to pre-university that is recognized by the global education community. It was originally designed for the children of diplomats, and its framework fits the global education model.

The IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) inquiry course emphasizes the spirit of inquiry. It encourages students to learn with natural curiosity, rely on independent drive, and constantly reflect on past learning and experience, so as to help students long-term development. 

IB Structure of Wesley School

The IB structure system is recognized as an education system with high academic standards by the global education community. At present, there are 85 IB PYP schools in China and only 4 in Hangzhou. There are only 2 kindergartens officially authorized by the official IB. The average authorization time is about four years. The Wesley school gongshu campus took less than two years from the opening of the campus (2017.09.01) to the obtaining of IB authorization (2019.07.18), which is a landmark for the preschool education community in Hangzhou.

Features of Wesley School

  • Feature 1

    Wesley School adopts IB PYP inquiry courses and conducts inquiry-based learning by integrating the traditional Chinese culture and the local characteristics of Hangzhou, as well as the children's interests. We advocate teaching the children by playing-based activities and inspiring children's self-motivation through inquiry-based learning.

  • Feature 2

    The focus of inquiry-based learning is not to find the correct answer, but to explore the problem-solving methods. Our courses not only cover the five major areas of knowledge in the "Learning and Development Guide for Children 3-6 Years Old", but also focus on improving the self-management, thinking, researching, communication and social skills of children.

  • Feature 3

    The children having the learning and inquiry abilities in Wesley School can continuously develop themselves in the process of inquiry, so as to promote their active inquiry, diligent thinking, and good communication. We aim to maintain children's enthusiasm for learning, the moralities of abiding by the rules, honest and trustworthy so that children can gradually form an international perspective to enhance the ability of lifelong learning to cope with a more diverse world in the future.

Wesley School K3 PYP Learning Journey

Demo Theme: Who We Are

After more than two months of exploration, in the transdisciplinary exploration unit of “who are we”, K3’s children take the central idea that people’s choices affect their health and emotions, and carry out a series of activities about health and emotions under the guidance of exploration clues. We used habits, emotions, hygiene, and our responsibilities as the starting point. Through: exploration, discovery, operating experiment, sharing, debate, poster production, going out to visit a hospital as well as other ways,  we tried to inspire and guide the children with our PYP’s training objectives.           

Now, let’s follow the footsteps of K3 and see what they discovered!

Who We Are

Theme poster

Who We Are

Theme Poster

A Warm Welcome

Before the activity, some of the children came to the door to welcome the guests, they warmly greeted and guided them.


The bread experiment

Role Play

Role Play


Teaching Speech


The PH experiment

Our Findings

At the exhibition, children show their findings and activities in the exploration cycle to their parents in Chinese and English with enthusiasm, confidence and fluency. They did this in various forms of expression, such as: song, role play, sharing speech, free communication, experimental operation, poster presentation, art works, etc.