Dear Parents and Friends,

I am the Principal of Hangzhou Wesley School Binjiang Campus. First of all, on behalf of our school, I would like to welcome you here.

We remained consistent in our goals since the very first day your kids have been at school. That goal is being child-centered and becoming a family. Wesley School Binjiang Campus is a school that is based on Chinese values with international vision. We also nurture the spirit of inquiry about both Chinese and Western culture. Our curriculum is all about child-centered inquiry. We focus on learning things while we play. And we also try to find the balance between tradition and innovation.

As an international educator, I deeply believe that a high quality preschool education will help children’s intellectual development as well as their confidence and caring spirit. Children encounter challenges in play-based learning activities, which will also inspire creativity. We create a safe learning environment for children to explore and inquire through a variety of games and activities in which they can get immersed in a concept-based learning approach beyond the subject of just learning thematic content, and get a rich real-world experience as a result. Therefore, the students of Wesley School can become the best version of themselves through the process of active exploration, inquiry, problem solving and reflection.

Wesley School is devoted to developing a learning community comprising of the kindergarten, children, and parents. We took love as the starting point and provide the highest quality learning environment for the younger generation. We cultivate children’s ability of active learning while fostering a positive attitude toward life and study. We try to develop life-long learners who have Chinese heritage and international mindedness so that they will become a global citizen. A healthy and happy growth experience can’t happen without the care and help from the teachers and parents. So hand in hand, heart to hear, let’s observe our children with eyes full of love, face them with a smile, and encourage them with positive words.

Wesley School aims for the highest standard of education. We have the best learning environment, the strongest administration team and the most professional, caring and creative teachers. We provide a healthy, happy growth experience for every child. I wish for every student at Wesley school to get inspiration from inquiry, have a healthy growth experience while playing games, and make connections to real life while at school.

Mary (冯咏梅)
Principle of Wesley School, Binjiang Campus