K3Learning Journey








Central Idea

People are shaped by their values

Lines Of Iquiry

1Culture affects people.

2People have personal identity.

3Families have values.



Our journey exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part is the introduction of unit and it’s activities from each class in their own classroom; the second part is a group activity, which is divided into three groups: “clothes of different countries”, “fantasy world” and “festival celebration”. The students cooperated with the parents to invite K2 kids to participate in our learning journey。With the encouragement of their parents, the children become little teachers to teach their fellow students different cultures in different countries.

Let’s take a look at the activities we have done




K3’s children and their parents made clothes with different cultural elements from different countries, and invited K2’s kids to change their clothes and do a fashion show. Before changing clothes, the kids introduced what kind of clothes they made and where they come from.




Welcome to the fantasy world, where you can find all kinds of “little monsters” from different countries. Here, K2’s kids found out about the hidden “little monsters” and make use of their weaknesses to make “monsters” dare not get close to them. For example, if “death” is afraid of the heel, the K2 students will show their heels, so that the God of death will not dare to approach them. The “little monster” found will introduce which country he is from? What kind of monster are you playing? Look! We had a good time




The day of the dead


It’s so busy here. It’s a party from various festivals! In the “who are we” unit, the students are very interested in the festival and celebrations from other cultures. They have selected three festivals from different countries to invite K2’s kids to attend the festivals were: the day of the dead in Mexico, the garlic festival in the United States and the bonfire festival in the UK. Here, the children introduce the day of the dead, which is a festival to commemorate the dead and connect with them in a special way. It is not scary at all, but very happy!


Garlic Festival


If you love garlic, just come to this festival! You can find everything about garlic here, garlic graffiti, garlic peeling, garlic painting and so on! Let’s have a look


Bonfire Festival


It’s a very interesting festival from England. K3’s kids took the K2 kids and talked about the unhappy or angry things out loud on the paper, or draw them on the paper, and then throw them into the “bonfire”. Then those troublesome things will burn out with the fire!


Thank you again for your full support!