Mary 冯咏梅

Principal of Binjiang Campus

Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education from South China Normal University
Master's degree in Educational Economy and Management from Beijing Normal University
Principal of Guangzhou Huijingxincheng Kindergarten
Director/Vice Principal of the Zhuhai Ronghong International Kindergarten

Stacy 金奕冰

Deputy Principal of Binjiang Campus

IB PYP Coodinator
Bachelor’s degree in Education from Zhejiang University
English Teaching Certificate,kindergarten teacher certificate
Motto: learn in inquiry and cultivate life-long learners with international feelings

Brad Evans

Deputy Principal of Binjiang Campus

USA Read Aloud Coordinator
K3A Foreign English Teacher
Master's degree in Communications from Chonnam National University
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
7 years + teaching experience of students aged 2-10

VIvian 彭为为

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Education from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University
Years of IB PYP education teaching experience.
Motto: accompany each child and facilitate their healthy growth and help them develop a determination for lifelong education.

Yoyo 宋亦佳

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Tianjin normal university Pre-school education
Worked in many kindergartens in Beijing, Hefei, Suzhou and so on.
Motto: we believe that every child has all kinds of talents and infinite possibilities.

Jiayi 万嘉怡

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

K2 coordinator
Hangzhou normal university Pre-school education
Motto: to be a child's teacher, be a child's friend first.

Dona Zheng 郑冬梅

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

PreK Coordinator
Anhui Suzhou University, pre-school education major, Bachelor of Education
Motto: what I give, should be what the children really need!

Miao 鲁妙晶

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
Worked as a Chinese teacher in many early childhood education institutions.
Motto: to love children, to understand children, but also have an inclusive heart.

Betty Chen 陈卓青

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Shanghai Foreign Studies University Pre-school Education
Master of Education in York University
Motto: hoping pass on my happiness to every child and bring love to each child

Taylor 郑益明

PE Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Lishui college.
Worked as physical education teacher of characteristic Department of Foreign Language School in Liandu district.
Motto: I believe an educational concept of "rewards comes from the giving".

Lily 金丽佳

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Changchun University.
Worked in famous IB PYP kindergartens and public kindergartens.
Motto: Learning while you are playing. The best education is life.

Li 李梦婷

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Pre-School bachelor of education from Anhui Normal University.
Former homeroom Chinese Teacher in the kindergarten in Shanghai.
Motto: Taking care of every child's childhood.


Chinese Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Zhejiang Yuexiu Foreign Language University.
Worked as English teacher in well-known English institutions.
Motto: Every day without dancing, is to live up to life.

Chelly Xiong 熊笑

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor of English Linguistics of Hangzhou Normal University.
Motto: Delivers everything perfectly to children!

Wendy 王琦

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Hangzhou Normal University Pre-school education.
Motto: Guide children to feel and create beauty.

Chloe Shi 石雨婷

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Zhejiang Foreign Language University.
Motto: With love,patience,sincerity to inspire children to stay ture to their heart.

Sandy Wu 吴晓青

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor of pre-school education in Gannan Normal University.
Motto: Listen to the voice of every child with love.

Qianqian Yan 闫倩倩

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor of education in preschool education from Huainan Normal University
Motto: Respect children and do not rush to make good or bad judgments on them.

Fiona Huang

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor of Education in Wenzhou Normal University.

Rita Li 李天冰

Chinese Teacher

Bachelor degree in Pre-school Education from Xinyu University.
Motto: Let the stars fill the sky,let the children fill their hearts with wonder.

Dina Zhang 张凤娇

Chinese Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor degree of Northwest Normal University.
Motto: Cultivate children with love and support them to be the best they can.

Victoria Marie Shelby, USA

K1A Homeroom English Teacher

Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning from University of California.
5 years teaching experience, 4 years 1 Grade homeroom teacher experience.

Kevin Dring, UK

Prek-A Homeroom English Teacher

Bachelor's degree from Northumbria University.
2 years teaching experience.

Ahmed Awdi, Canada

PreK D Homeroom English Teacher

Bachelor's degree in business administration from University of Windsor.
2+ years teaching experience.
Hobby: I like to travel and explore new places, football, hiking, video games.

Katherine Willems, USA

Pre-K Foreign English Teacher

Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies from Temple University
TEFL Certificate
1 year experience teaching
3 years experience working with children pre-k to 6th grade
Hobby: reading, art, and travel.

Tariro Sandra, South African

PreK Foreign English Teacher

Graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology with a bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering.
4 years teaching experience with students from Pre K to middle school level.
Motto: Determined to improve their learning and communication skills.

Samuel Dymock

K1B Foreign Teacher

K1 Coordinator
TEFL Qualified
3+ years teaching experience
My personal teaching pedagodgy is to aim for children to be happy and engaged, this is to cultivate a healthy and efficient learning environment.

Zoe Du, Australian

K1C Foreign English Teacher

Double degree in Business Management from Victoria University
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
7 years teaching experience with students from kindergarten to University levels
Motto: Determined to make a difference in Early Childhood Education and let all children reach their full potentials.

Alex Koriakin

K1E English Teacher

Bachelor degree in Regional Studies from South Ural State University.
TEFL&TESOL Certificate
3 years teaching experience in schools from age 3 – 12
Hobby: I love traveling, cycling, exercising and playing basketball

Adam Regan, UK

K2C Foreign English Teacher

Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Salford University
TEFL Certificate
3 years teaching experience of teaching children aged 2-9
My hobbies are illustrating, photography, sports and travel.

Emmalyse Daniels

K2B Foreign English Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Health Communications from Grand Valley State University.
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
6 years teaching experience children aged 3-10 years old
Motto: Education is the greatest gift we can give to our children.

Siobhan Brown, South African

K2A English Teacher

Graduated from UNISA with a bachelor's degree in Communication Science.
TEFL certificate
4 years teaching experience.
I believe that the more effort you put into every child the greater the result will be.

Eric Hoy, USA

K3B Foreign English Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Liberal studies with a focus on History, political science and education from Oregon State University.
TEFL Certificate
Seven years teaching experience working with kids 4-10.
Hobby: I enjoy the great outdoors, travel, basketball and watching movies.

Gaby Salvador, Spain

Foreign English Teacher

Bachelor's (with distinction) in English from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
TEFL training completed
Four years experience in the education/TEFL sector with students from Pre-K to adults.
My hobbies are travelling, dancing, yoga, extreme/outdoors sports, reading and watching films.